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Daiki Farm (2021 1st Post)


This year Daiki is running a green house garden! The garden is right next to our office in Kounosu.

We have already harvested mini tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plants, and bitter gourd.

In our garden, we are using the DIK-3210 iTensiometer to gather  and monitor pF data. 

We are now preparing to plant for the fall! Stay tuned for our next update in October.


●「DIK-3210 iTensiometer」

 The iTensiometer is a tensiometer used to measure soil water saturation. The data recorded by the iTensiometer is stored locally and also send wirelessly to the Daiki Cloud. The data logger and battery are all in one making it easy to use and compact.

●「DIK-8333 pF Meter (Tensiometer) 」

Analogue tensiometer. Used to measure soil water saturation. More effective than standard electrical moisture measuring equipment, especially at high water concentrations.

Tensiometers measure water saturation indirectly by measuring the pulling force a soil sample has on water. Dryer soil, more pull; saturated soil, less pull.

20 cm, 40 cm, and short pot sizes available.

DIK-8333 pF Meter 20 cm

DIK-8334 pF Meter 40 cm

DIK-8343 pF Meter (pot size)