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DIK-3187 Mini Tensiometer (2ch Type)


Main Characteristic

Compact,high accuracy aud high response Tensiometer. It is suitable for the measurement of column experiment and soils of small pot cultivation. Automatic recording tensiometer ( 1ch Recording type ) records the data of the soil moisture suction with a microSD Card(2GB) and the data are analysed with a computer. It can record data for a month with battery (in a 30 min. interval). It can be used at a field by storing with the datalogger, etc, in a box.

Sensitive part2pce.
φ31×L196mm without cable
Tension cup φ6.3×L10mm
Pressure sensor2pce.
Rated pressure -98.07kPa
Analogue output 1~5VDC
Power source DC12V~24V ±10%
Data logger1pce.
Analogue input 8ch 0~+5VDC (DIK-9610)
Power box1pce.
Outside dimension W160×H130×D270mm
Weight Approx. 2.3kg