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Product Name PDF
AF-123  Revised Standard Soil Chart
AF-173  Permeatest-W
DIK-100A  Hand Auger Download
DIK-101A  Hole Auger Set, for 1m
DIK-102A  Root Auger Set, for 30cm x 3 pcs. Download
DIK-104A  Gauge Auger Set, for 1m Download
DIK-105A  Peat Sampler, for 5m Download
DIK-107A  Flap Gouge Auger
DIK-110C  Liner Sampler Download
DIK-1150  Digital Actual Volumenometer Download
DIK-115B  Soil Sampler, for 5cm Download
DIK-1201  Volume Weight Tester,Yamanaka Type
DIK-121E  Percussion Drilling Set (Engine Type) Download
DIK-121E  Percussion Drilling Set (Engine Type) Download
DIK-1501  Sampling Tube 200ml, Shibamoto Type
DIK-1506  Sampling Tube 400ml, Shibamoto Type
DIK-1601  Soil Sampler Download
DIK-161E  PC Liner Sampler Download
DIK-162D  PC Liner Sampler (for 50cm) *Sales Termination
DIK-1640  Boring Stick, for 1m
DIK-1641  Boring Stick, for 1.5m
DIK-1673  Hand Shovel, for Soil Profile
DIK-1674  Hand Shovel, Round Tip
DIK-1675  Hand Shovel, Arc Tip
DIK-1676  Hand Shovel, Flat Tip
DIK-170A  Piston Sampler (for Sludge) Download
DIK-1801  Stainless Sampling Tube 100ml Download
DIK-1803  Stainless Sampling Tube 50ml
DIK-180A  Multi Sampler (for Sludge / Sewage) Download
DIK-1815  Shallow Soil Sampling Set, for 5cm
DIK-190A  Cable Operated Sediment Samplers Download
DIK-2001  Aggregate Analyzer Download
DIK-2012  Aggregate Analyzer with Thermostat Download
DIK-2201  Shaking Bottle 1000ml
DIK-2202  Shaking Bottle 1000ml, Kohn Type
DIK-2205  Shaking Bottle 500ml
DIK-2300  Round Hole Sieve (200mm)
DIK-2310  Round Hole Sieve (150mm)
DIK-2330  Round Hole Sieve (100mm)
DIK-2400  Meshy Sieve (200mm)
DIK-2410  Meshy Sieve (150mm)
DIK-2430  Meshy Sieve 100mm
DIK-2610  Automatic mill and sieve for Soil Download
DIK-300B  Soil Moisture Sampler, HPP – Type
DIK-301B  Soil Moisture Sampler, Fiber – Type for 10cm Download
DIK-3025  Tensiometer (Voltage Type) 8ch *Sales Termination
DIK-3046  Tensiometer (Display Type) *Sales Termination
DIK-3055  Tensiometer for Small Culture Medium 2ch Recording type *Sales Termination
DIK-305A  Soil Moisture Sampler, Fiber – Type for 5cm
DIK-311F  Soil Moisture Meter (DIK Display Type) Download
DIK-312B  Soil Moisture Meter (HH2 Display Type)
DIK-3131  Tensiometer for Small Culture Medium (Voltage Type) 8ch *Sales Termination
DIK-3151  Tensiometer (Display Type) *Sales Termination
DIK-3162  Tensiometer (Pressure Gauge Type)
DIK-3184  Mini Tensiometer(8ch Type) *Sales Termination
DIK-3187  Mini Tensiometer (2ch Type)
DIK-3210  i Tensiometer Download
DIK-321E  Soil Moisture Meter,Recording Type
DIK-330E  Soil Moisture Meter 2ch Recording Type
DIK-3343  pF Meter ( Applicable to both Head Pressure & Vacuum ) Download
DIK-3404  Wide Range pF Meter Download
DIK-3424  Multi-Fold pF Meter Download
DIK-3483  Multi-Fold pF Meter (for Forestry)
DIK-350E  Profile Soil Moisture Meter(4 sensor)
DIK-351E  Profile Soil Moisture Meter(6 sensor)
DIK-3521  Soil Column Method Kit for pF Download
DIK-355B  Profile Soil Moisture Meter (Display Type) Download
DIK-356B  Profile Soil Moisture Meter (Display Type) Download
DIK-3954  Auto Soil Water Sampler
DIK-4012  Permeameter, 4 Fold Type Download
DIK-4025  Time Counter Download
DIK-4050  Falling-Head Permeameter, 5 Fold Type
DIK-4055  Digital Permeameter Download
DIK-4201  Cylindrical Intakerate Meter
DIK-5532  i penetrometer (Digital Cone Penetrometer) Download
DIK-5553  Push-Cone (Soil Hardness Meter) Download
DIK-5557  Digital Hand Penetrometer (Digital Soil Hardness Meter) Download
DIK-5561  Crust Hardness Meter
DIK-5590  Cone penetrometer(easy operate soil hardness meter)
DIK-6000  Rainfall Simulator
DIK-6050  Automatic control Rainfall Simulator
DIK-615A  Diver Series Download
DIK-650C  Field Pump Download
DIK-652A  Hand-operated Field Pump
DIK-653B  Compact Field Pump
DIK-662B  Groundwater Purging Pumps for 9m Download
DIK-665A  Groundwater Purging Pump for 35m Download
DIK-666A  Groundwater Purging Pump for 60m Download
DIK-670B  Smart Groundwater Purging Pumps for 20m Download
DIK-685A  Teflon Bailer Samplers Download
DIK-686B-A2  HDPE Bailer Samplers
DIK-687A  Transparence Bailer Samplers(PVC) Download
DIK-8333  pF Meter (20cm) Download SHOP
DIK-8334  pF Meter (40cm)  Download SHOP
DIK-8343  pF Meter (for Pot) Download SHOP
DIK-8392  Soil Water Sampler (for Field)
DIK-8393  Soil Water Sampler (for Pot)
DIK-9900  CEC Set Six Samples