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DIK-100A Hand Auger

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Main Characteristic

Hand auger set is supplied with different shape of blades to suit for type of soils.
It is able to sample the soils in a depth of about 8m,using the extention rods.

DIK-100A-A1Auger for clay type, blade diam 7cm
DIK-100A-B1Auger for comb type, blade diam 7cm
DIK-100A-B2Auger for comb type, blade diam 4cm
DIK-100A-D1Auger for coarse type, blade diam 7cm
DIK-100A-E1Riverside auger, blade diam 7cm
DIK-100A-F1Auger for stony soil, blade diam 7cm
DIK-100A-G1Spiral auger, blade diam 4cm
DIK-100A-H1Gauge auger diam 3cm, length 100cm
DIK-100A-H2Gauge auger diam 3cm, length 50cm
DIK-100A-H3Gauge auger diam 6cm, length 100cm
DIK-100A-H4Gauge auger diam 6cm, length 50cm
DIK-100A-H5Gauge auger diam 2cm, length 100cm
DIK-100A-H6Gauge auger diam 2cm, length 50cm
DIK-100A-J1Handle with detachable grip, 25cm
DIK-100A-J2Handle with detachable grip, 60cm
DIK-100A-K1Extension rod, 50cm
DIK-100A-K2Extension rod, 100cm
DIK-100A-L1Bent spatula, breadth 20mm
DIK-100A-M1Carrying bag, vinyl diam 20cm×77cm
DIK-100A-M2Carrying bag, vinyl diam 20cm×150cm
DIK-100A-N1Fieldcart, collaptible
DIK-100A-P1Push-/pull handle
In addition to the above sizes, different sizes of blades are available.