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DIK-2610 Dust Shield Mill and Sieve for Soil

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Main Characteristic

・Crushing and the sieving of the soil of φ2mm or less can be done at the same time.

・All the processes can be done without putting out dust at all. Therefore, there is no worry of the health hazard by inhaling dust.

・There is no soil dust go out from equipment, so the dust collector is unnecessary.

・Since this equipment is compact design, it is possible to set up them in the most of laboratory.

・Because all the process are done in the airtight container, the cleaning time will be greatly reduced. It is used to taking long time to clean up soil dust more than the crushing and the sieving of the soil samples.

・Working hours can be shortened, and it correspond to a large amount of sample processing by improving the working efficiency of crushing and the riddle division process.

Outside DimensionsW750×D670×H700mm (Exclude projyection)
Operation time30~120 sec
Adjustable speed10~80 rpm/s
Power supplyAC100V max2.5A
Processing capacityAir dried soil 150g (container) ×4=600g
Crushing rodCompletely assembled sample containerSoil correction container with lid
To raise the crushing efficiency,the crushing rods are made of high density molybdenum.

It is covered with polypropylene capsule prevent crushing stones in the soil sample.

The sample crushing cotainer (made of the polypropylene) is an assembly type with double layer construction.

The dust will not go out outside of the container during the crushing sieving in the device.

The soil correction coutainer can be used for sample keeping with lid.