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DIK-115B Soil Sampler, for 5cm

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Main Characteristic

This Soil sampler can be easily used for hard soil, that can’t be sampled by conventional products.
The Soil sampling shoe is made from stainless steel, and excels at endurance.

Soil Sample Shoe diam. 55 x 140mm1 pce.
Handle with beating head, 10cm1 pce.
Hammer with nylon heads 2kg1 pce.
Brush and knife set1 pce.
Case1 pce.
Extension rod, 50cm1 pce.
Extension rod, 100cm1 pce.
Stainless Sampling Tube 100m1 pce.

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Way of Sampling
Loosen the bolt that is located on top of the Sampler, open the Sampling tube cover.
Set the Sampling tube in the Sampler. Close the cover and tighten the bolt.
Set the soil sampler straight to the ground. Beat the head little by little with a hammer.
After beating to the depth of sampling, pull it up slowly, turning the handle to one direction.
Laying the sampler and cut the bottom of the sample tube with the attached knife.Remove the sample tube slowly.Put lids on the top and bottom of the sample tube and seals them with tape.