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DIK-311F Soil Moisture Meter (DIK Display Type)

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Main Characteristic

The Thetaprobe soil moisture sensor measures the soil moisture volume percentage by applying the Frequency Domain technique.
The Thetaprobe measures the soil moisture volume percentage by measuring the changes in the dielectric constant.
The sensor consists of a sturdy, watertight synthetic housing which contains the electronics.
The sensor is able to measure within a measuring range of 5 – 55 volumetric moisture content with an accuracy of 5% with standard calibration and only 2% with soil specific calibration. The sensor is supplied standard with a 2-metre cable and plug for connection to the soil moisture meter or with wire for connection to a datalogger.
The measurement values are shown on the display of the soil moisture meter and can be stored in the memory .
The meter comes with built-in conversion characteristics for minera and organic soils.

Readout unit (display part) 1 pce.
Display type8 digit x 2Line LCD
Power source9V Battery
Battery lifeAbout 20 hours for continual use
Outside dimensionsW 89 x D 25 x H147mm (Without projection)
Max. memory3 x 84 data.

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Probe (sensor part) 1 pce.
Accuracy+/- 1% (depend on the calibration or soils)
Soil sampling volume75cm3
InterfaceCable length 2m
SizeLength 170.5mm (rods length are 60mm), diam.39.8mm
Stabilization timeApprox. 1 to 5 sec. from power-up