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DIK-685A Teflon Bailer Samplers

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Main Characteristic

The samplers have been developed to sample still water (or other fluids) on any required depth.

Teflon-made sampler is chemically inert and heat resistant up to more than 250 degrees.

They are supplied in various sizes and diameters (contents 450 – 690ml).

Bailer samplerdiam.19mm x 50cm, Contents 0.1 L,
Transparent teflon.<br.*Sales Termination
Bailer samplerdiam.19mm x 100cm, Contents 0.2 L,
Transparent teflon.
*Sales Termination
Bailer samplerdiam.35mm x 60cm, Contents 0.45 L,
Transparent teflon.
Bailer samplerdiam.35mm x 90cm, Contents 0.69 L,
Transparent teflon.
Bottom emptying device for 35mm sampler
Teflon coated steel cablediam.2mm x 5m, with reel
Teflon coated steel cablediam.2mm x 25m, with reel

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