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DIK-5590 Cone penetrometer(easy operate soil hardness meter)

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Main Characteristic

●Joint development of Japan Agriculture (JA)Technical center and (JA) Fertilizer laboratory.

●It is easily measure depth of the hard pan layer of the field.It is convenient for carrying around because of light weight.

●Simple model not record data. It is the simple specifications that anyone can use.

measurement depthstandard 0 ~ 60㎝  Option 0 ~ 90㎝
measurement range0 ~2.5Mpa
DimensionTotal length 955㎜  Width 350㎜
Pebetrate cone 2㎠
Spindle 60㎝
Spindle 90㎝
Spring 5.0Mpa(Replaceable of 2.5Mpa spring)
Penetrate cone 6㎠(Replaceable of 2㎠ cone)