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DIK-321E Soil Moisture Meter,Recording Type


Main Characteristic

This instrument consits of probes, a power unit and a data logger.
It measures a volumetric soil moisture content continuously for a long period.
It is also used for a long period in the field, where there is no power source, using.


Data logger (DIK-9610)   1 unit
Analogue input8ch,0~+5VDC
Outside dimensionsW107×D170×H45mm
Theta probe (sensor part) 8 pcs.
Soil sampling volume75cm3
InterfaceCable length 5m, Max.length 100m (option)
SizeLength 170.5 ㎜ ,φ39.8 ㎜
(rods length are 60㎜)
Power box (DIK-3025-11) 1 unit
Measuring points8ch
Outside dimensionsW300×H180×D300mm
WeightApprox. 5Kg