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DIK-190A Cable Operated Sediment Samplers

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Main Characteristic

The samplers are used for taking disturbed samples from the bottom of lakes, rivers, etc. At the surface the jaws are pushed open and kept in that position by a hook. To keep the hook in the right position it should be sunk at a steady pace. As soon as the jaws touch the bottom, the hook loosens its grip.When hoisting the rope again, the jaws will be closed. Three sizes can be supplied. (0.5L, 2.0L, 6.0L)

DIK-190A-A1Contents : 0.5 L
Weight : 2.1kg
DIK-190A-B1Contents : 2.0 L
Weight : 10.0kg
DIK-190A-C1Contents : 6.0 L
Weight : 25.2kg
DIK-170A-B1Rope, 5m Polyester, 2pcs.