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DIK-2001 Aggregate Analyzer

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Main Characteristic

Aggregate analyzer is an instrument to gather standardize size particles without disturbing soil aggregate as much as possible.
Set soil samples in 5 standard mesh sieves, it sorts them per each sieve in the analysing water tank by rotating and stroking constantly with up and down movement.

Shaking analyzerW450 x D620 x H1320mm
Analyzing water tankdiam.185 x H360mm 4 pcs.
Meshy sievediam.150 x H45mm
4 sets of 5 sieves
Diameter of mesh2.0, 1.0mm,
500, 250, 106 micrometer
Holding pileFor 5 sieves 4 sets.
Vibrating speed30 times/min.
Vibrating width38mm
Power sourceAC100V 1A
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