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DIK-5561 Crust Hardness Meter

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DIK-5561 Crust Hardness Meter
DIK-5561 Crust Hardness Meter

Main Characteristic

When cultivating soy beans and the like, it may receive a crust’s resistance against the sprouts because the soil surface is so hard.
To avoid this trouble, it is better to make the soil to a suitable hardness. This device measures the resistance of the crust easily by pushing a cone into the soil surface.
A case is attached

Strength of spring
Made of stainless steel
9.8N/40mm(white) 1 pce
19.6N/40mm(yellow) 1 pce
39.2N/40mm(red) 1 pce
Main unit : Dimensionsdiam.40 x 205mm
Cone angle11° 25′
Bar Dimensionsdiam.8 x L54mm
A case is attached
Bar DimensionsApprox. 650g
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