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DIK-3424 Multi-Fold pF Meter

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Sample chamber & Automatic pressure regulator.

Main Characteristic

This pF meter sets the pF value of the soil from pF1.6 to pF3.2 by the pressure plate method.
It can set up to 24 pieces of sampling tubes in the sample chamber.
Any optional pF value is set with the automatic pressure contoroller.

Sample chamber
1 unit
Dimensions : I.D.305 x H222mm
2 sheets
Withstanding pressure : 300kPa
Automatic pressure controller
1 unit
Measuring range3.9 to 155.4kPa (pF 1.6 to 3.2)
Working temperature range0 to 40 degrees
(used in a theramostatic chamber)
Power sourceAC100V 50/60Hz 20VA
AccessoriesHandle 1 pce.