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DIK-4056 Digital PermeameterNEW!

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Main Features:

● Measures soil permeability using the falling head method.

● Capable of measuring permeability in a wide range of soils.

● Calculates saturated permeability automatically and saves data to a CSV file for easy access.

● Up to five devices can be used simultaneously with our dedicated software.

● Status of all devices can be understood at a glance.

● Display of measurement finish time.

※Dedicated software is only available for windows computers.

構 成
DIK-1801Stainless 100ml Case 1 pc
DIK-4001-13Rubber ring 1 pc
DIK-4001-15Mesh dish with handle 1 pc
DIK-4055-17Vile with visual water level marks 1 pc
DIK-4001-18Weight 1 pc
DIK-4001-19Mesh plate 1 pc
DIK-4001-2110ml pipette (with spoit)
DIK-4051-17Water Dish
DIK-4055-20Level plain (for single device)
DIK-4026Digital Permeameter
DIK-4026-12Digital Permeameter Dedicated Software
DIK-3521-51Lid to hold sample
1201-19Aluminum Case(W365×D225×H250mm)
WeightApp. 300g
Measurement Time1 sec – 1,000 hours
  • DIK-4056

  • DIK-4026