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DIK-1201 Volume Weight Tester,Yamanaka Type


Main Characteristic

Volume weight tester measures the volume weight (apparent density g/ml) per volume unit by filling dried soil in a 100ml tube.
Comparing with the ususal tester, this is adapted to use our Sampling tube,
100ml (DIK-1801).

Meter main unit 1 pce.
Outside dimensions:
W185 x D185 x H195mm
Volume weighth tube 1 pce.
Outside dimensions:
diam56 x H40mm
Stainless sampling tube100ml (DIK-1801) x1 pce
Water holding dish10 pcs.
Outside dimensions:
diam56 x H10mm
Adapter1 pce.
Case1 pce.
Outside dimensions:
W215 x D205 x H310mm
Material : Wood