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DIK-4012 Permeameter, 4 Fold Type

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The falling head method is shown.

Main Characteristic

Permeameter, 4 fold type measures a saturated water permeability of the undisturbed soil collected in a sampling tube.

It can be selected the constant head method or the falling head method.
So, it can be measured in wide range of permeability coefficient, such as from 10¯² cm/s to 10¯⁶cm/s.
4 samples of 100ml sampling tubes can be measured at the same time.

Measuring rangeConstant head method 10-2 – 10-3 (cm/s)
Falling head method 10-3 – 10-6 (cm/s)
Material of VesselAcrylic
Outside dimensionsW570 x D260 x H480mm
AccessoriesStainless sampling tube 100ml 6 pcs.
Beaker 250ml 4 pcs.
Pipette 10ml 1 pce.
Case, Vessel, Rubber Ring.

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