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DIK-666A Groundwater Purging Pump for 60m

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Main Characteristic

This pump is capable of pumping up to 60m from ground level simply by connecting to a 24V battery. Its reliable design is suitable for sampling or purging of groundwater.

Outside dimensions Pump diameter Approx. 47mm
(Wthout cable)
Length Pump Approx 66cm (Wthout cable)
Cable Length Approx 64m
Power consumption Max.50A(With Booster)
Power source DC24V or DC12V(With Booster)
Flow rate Approx 1.3L/min.
(At Approx 54m, with Booster)
Approx 0.7L/min.
(At Approx 60m, with Booster)
Running operation time Max.20 minutes or less.
Using temperature conditions 66℃ and below
Material Pump PVC, Stainless steel
Booster Steel
DIK-666A-C1 PE tube
(diam. 12mm x diam. 9mm, length 100m)

Warranty information The pump is an article of consumption, and has a no warranty period.
Only warranty replacement is available when it is faulty in first use.
Neither available to repair