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DIK-305A Soil Moisture Sampler, Fiber – Type for 5cm

Main Characteristic

Soil moisture sampler (Fiber type) have following special features.
Porous part is resinous, so there is no ion exchange.
It is also unbreakable.
The dead space is few, because its diameter is only 2.5mm.


Sampler(set of 10 pcs.)
Bearing pressure 200kPa
Size Porous part diam. 2.5 x diam. 1.5 x 100mm
PVC tube diam. 2.7 x diam. 1.0 x 100mm
Suction In water, sucking in -1bar : capprox.1mL/min
In soil using a syringe : capprox.7mL / 1 to 16hrs,(about pF2.3)
*It is different by soils and dryness.
Dead space Approx.0.5mL
Syringe(set of 10 pcs.)
Volume 10ml
Accessories Adaptor and Stopper are attached.

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