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pF Meter


The pF Meter is a device that measures the hydration of soil.

It works by measuring the capillarity of  soil. When soils are dehydrated, water will be “pulled” from inside the pF meter creating a vacuum pressure; when soil is saturated it will not pull on water in the pF meter so vacuum pressure will be low.

Thus, we can deduce the hydration of soil through the strength of it’s pull on the water.

This is different from testing moisture content of soil with standard electric resistivity devices in that we can still obtain useful information about the soil even in high saturation conditions.

Measuring the pF of your soil gives you valuable information on when you should irrigate and is much more reliable than electric sensors, giving it strong popularity in researchers and farmers alike.

Daiki’s pF meters come in 20 cm, 40 cm, and short pot sizes to fit all your soil profiles!


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