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DIK-4201 Cylindrical Intakerate Meter

Main Characteristic

Cylindrical intakerate meter measures the speed that water is infitrated or absorbed into the soil.This speed (intake rate) is an important element in deciding the method and the time of irrigation.

This is manufactured on the basis of the standard measurement and consist of 3 Kinds of permeating cylinders, a driving plate, a hammer.

Permeating cylinder
1set of 3 kinds
Large Inside dimensions Medium Inside dimensions Small Inside dimensions diam. 300 x H350mm Weight 6kg   diam. 290 x H350mm Weight 5.5kg   diam. 280 x H350mm Weight 5kg
Driving plate 1 pce. Dimensons : 320 x 320 x t9mm
Rammer 1 pce.
Accessories Rubber mountings 1 pce.
Total weight 42kg


Outside Frame Cylinder

Main Characteristic

FThis cylinder is driven around the permeating cylinder to prevent external permeating from inside intakerate cylinder.

Dimension I.D. φ450 x H300㎜
Material SKsteel
Weight 7kg

Driving Plate for Outside Frame Cylinder

Dimension W470 x D470 x t9㎜
Material Steel
Weight 17kg
Accessories Rubber mountings

Mariott Tank *Sales Termination

Main Characteristic

This tank supplies water always at constant pressure.

* We have discontinued to produce this particular product. Thank you for your long time support.

Volume 80 L
Material Stainless steel
Valve with graduation
Dimensions φ450 × H960㎜
Weight 18kg
Accessories Water supplied pipe 1set