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DIK-1150 Digital Actual Volumenometer

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Main Characteristic

Actual volumenometer measures the actual volume (solid and liquid phases)of the soil.

Under the constant temperature, the volume of gas is in inverse propotion to its pressure (Boyle’s law).

The principle of the measurement depends on the law.

Measuring object Soil
Outside dimensions Approx. W350×D300×H180mm
Measuring range 0~100ml (=100cm3)
Minimum scale 0.01ml (=0.01cm3)
Accuracy ±0.5%F.S. 25℃
Weight Approx. 7kg
Power supply AC100V or DC12V
Display LCD 20digit×4lines(with backlighting)
Display Language English
Operating temperrature 5~40℃
Automatic calibration Auto-calibration function with test piece.
Data storage Can be stored Max.1000data
Clock Can be manual compensation
Display Display stored data
Data clean up Can be erased stored data
Data communication Can be all stored data transfered to PC with DLM software program
Data stored format Text format (CSV format)
File name generation Product No_number_latitude_longitude.CSV

Software (DAIKI Download Software Ver2.xx)

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