Daiki Rika Kogyo Co., Ltd.

DIK-107A Flap Gouge Auger

Main Characteristic

The flap gouge auger is an apparatus for depth specific sampling in dry or wet firm material.
The slender construction enables easy penetration of (top) layers. In this way the sample can be taken at a specific depth.
This construction, however, makes the flap gouge auger not suited for use in hard soils or similar material. The flap gouge auger is very useful for taking samples in drums, tanks, bags and big bags from for instance powder, grain, granulates (< 3 mm) and pastes.

Flap gouge auger Stainless steel, Operation lenght 30cm,
Contents 47mL, Augerφ25mm, Flap φ50mm
1 pce.
Stainless steel extension rod   φ15mm, 50cm, M-10 th
3 pcs
Stainless steel handle   M-10 thr
1 pce.
Spanner 12×13mm
2 pcs.
Bent spatula  Breadth 16mm
1 pce.