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DIK-3483 Multi-Fold pF Meter (for Forestry)

Sample chamber & Automatic pressure regulator.

Main Characteristic

This pF meter sets the pF value of the soil from pF1.6 to pF3.2 by the pressure plate method.
It can set up to 8 pieces of sampling tubes (Shibamoto type).

Any optional pF value is set with the automatic pressure controller.
Each dehydrated amount is measured.

Sample chamber Dimensions(inside) :800 x 260 x 220
(1 unit )
Sample receive Made of transparent acrylic
(8 pcs)
For sampling tube 400ml, Shibamoto type( DIK-1502) (8pcs )
Filter contained 25 sheets
(2 packs)
Automatic pressure controller
(1 unit)
Measuring range 3.9 to 155.4kPa (pF 1.0 to 3.2)
Working temperature range 0 to 40 degrees
Total weight Approx.70kg

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