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DIK-3404 Wide Range pF Meter

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Sample chamber & Automatic pressure regulator.

Main Characteristic

This pF meter sets the pF value of the soil from pF1.6 to pF4.0 by the pressure plate method.

It can set up to 24 pieces of sampling tubes in the sample chamber. The setting is done with the automatic pressure controller and a nitrogen cylinder.

Sample chamber Dimensions : I.D. 305 x H210mm
(1 unit)
Filter Withstanding pressure :
(2 sheets )
Filter Withstanding pressure :
300kPa(for pF 3.2)
(2 sheets )
Nitrogen cylinder 1 unit
Pressure regulator 1 pce
Automatic pressure regulator.
1 pce
Measuring range 3.9 to 980.7kPa(pF 1.6 to 4.0 )
Working temperature range 0 to 40 degrees
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz 20VA
Total weight Approx.130kg
Accessories High pressure hose 1 pce
Handle with spanner 1 pce
Wooden rod for eye nut 1 pce

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